Year 1995 marked the start of an association with renowned steam turbine manufacturer- Shin Nippon Machinery (SNM), Japan which subsequently led to the founding and formal establishment of Shin Thermo in 2002.

Ever Since, Shin Thermo has evolved in the global power industry with reputation of providing quality equipment on time.

The Milestones include

  • Implementation of Double Internal Control extraction turbine
  • Implementation of Axial Exhaust Turbine
  • Award from the Journal Enertia (In the Year 2009 and again in 2012)
  • Award from ARS metals for “EXCELLENT SUPPORT BY VENDOR” for execution of 60 MW order.
  • Setting up of Assembly shop for Lube oil unit, Gland steam Condenser and other auxiliaries.
  • Various Repeat orders from Corporates like Ugar Sugars, Dhampur Sugars, Renuka Sugars and EPCs like ISGEC, Thermax, Uttam etc.
  • 100% ontime delivery
  • Execution of more than 80 projects (in India and abroad) – Total of over 1500 MW.